Protection of biodiversity


The different businesses that make up the Group are responsible for ensuring the care, preservation and repair of biodiversity in those areas where our company carries out its activities, establishing the framework for action to mitigate the impact of operations on nature.

To this end, significant work is carried out to restore areas through the morphological repair and revegetation of surfaces, the transplanting of vegetable species, the transfer of animal species and the physical protection of specimens.

The companies have also established alliances with nature protection groups for the maintenance and control of biodiversity, and have set up specific projects for the protection and recovery of ecosystems.

  • Cementos Portland Valderrivas collaborates with the NAUMANNI Association to ensure that more than 180 animal species, some of them in danger of extinction, live in El Porcal gravel pit.

  • Project to improve the habitat and ecosystem of Lagunas de Medina del Campo, developed by Aqualia, to improve biodiversity and species populations.

  • FCC Medio Ambiente collaborates with Centro Municipal de Educación Ambiental y Actividades en la Naturaleza (CEAAN) Coto de La Isleta on environmental awareness and species recovery projects.

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