Commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency


The purpose of FCC's Code of Ethics and Conduct is to guide all persons linked to any company in the Group through standards of behaviour with the highest level of demand in the commitment to compliance with laws, regulations, contracts, procedures and ethical principles.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct, approved in 2012, reformulated in 2018 and revised in 2023, is the central element of the responsible management of FCC's activity, which is articulated on the basis of a Compliance Model strengthened by an internal control system that guarantees its compliance.



Likewise, and with the aim of promoting a fair and diverse working environment, we have a Harassment Prevention and Eradication Protocol, approved by the Board of Directors. It contemplates, among other aspects, not tolerating conduct that entails discrimination, promoting a culture of respect and awareness of harassment, ensuring the agility of the complaint mechanisms, adopting disciplinary measures and guaranteeing the labour and social protection rights of the victims. 



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