Compliance Model


Through the Compliance Model, the FCC Group guarantees that all the company's businesses and people are governed in accordance with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, while strengthening internal control in order to avoid incurring any criminal breaches. The model guarantees compliance with the laws and regulations in the places where FCC operates, generating confidence among our clients, shareholders, business partners and company personnel.

The system is endowed with a regulatory block with policies and procedures, a Criminal Prevention Manual and a map of crimes, risks and controls designed for the prevention, detection of risks and minimisation of their impact.



There is also a Risk Management Model, which includes a specific section on Compliance Risks associated with regulatory aspects, contractual requirements and the Code of Ethics itself. In order to guarantee the functioning and effectiveness of the Compliance Model, those responsible for the controls designed to prevent criminal risks must carry out a six-monthly self-assessment, certifying the controls carried out and documented.


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